I am equally proud and humble to have the opportunity to run for the Georgia House of Representatives. I would have to thank my parents, my sister, my girlfriend, and my friends for instilling in me the confidence to run for this office. I have spent the last several months meeting with people all across Georgia, and listening to the issues they face that have not been addressed in the State House. In my free time, I go for runs as often as I can at Little Mulberry Park. We all know how hard it can be going outside in the middle of a Georgia summer so I try my best to get out as often as possible. I enjoy golfing with friends and family on weekend mornings. I attend the Prince of Peace Church. I also volunteer with the Toys for Tots charity, an organization formed by Marine Corps veterans to give children gifts during Christmas. Additionally, I spend time working with numerous organizations to promote conservative ideas to people across the country. I also work for DAS Professional Services, a company focused on information technology development.

Value of Hard Work

I believe I am the luckiest person in the word for having grown up in Dacula, Georgia. I was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and cannot imagine how different my life would be if my family elected to stay there. Luckily for me, we moved to Georgia when I was very young, and have grown up in Dacula for nearly all of my life. I went from Fort Daniel Elementary, to Osborne Middle, to Mill Creek High, and then to Georgia College and State University. I managed to do very well in academics, become involved in Georgia politics, and work several jobs through school. I spent many summers working a day-time and night-time job to finish college without student debt. I believe these steps in life have made me into a stronger person, and I am happy to be where I am today.

My Family

My parents, Don and Heidi raised my sister, Emma, and I in Georgia. I have been mentored by my grandfather, Louis Najfus throughout my life, and cannot thank him enough for the advice and guidance he has provided me. A man raised in a working-class family, who served in the jungles of Vietnam for four years, and worked in business has endless wisdom, and I learned from an early age the importance of listening to those who have decades of hard work under their belt. I began dating my girlfriend Vanessa two years ago, and am positive I am the luckiest man on Earth. I am running to make sure all Georgia families are safe and prosperous, and people my age will be able to raise beautiful families right here.

My Record

Throughout my schooling I worked hard to fight for conservatives when faced with the opportunity. My time in college gave me the understanding of the vital necessity to challenge the liberal indoctrination that occurs in the university. I have worked on numerous political campaigns from gubernatorial races, congressional races, and local races. I have had the opportunity to work for both Governor Nathan Deal and Governor Brian Kemp. During my time working for these two governors, I quickly learned of the ins and outs of politics. I grew tired of seeing our elected officials neglect the challenges we face. Georgia is 39th in healthcare, 30th in education, 27th in crime, and 21st in economic opportunity, and having seen how politicians have no regard to fix our broken systems, I understood the need to run.

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