Eliminate Government Waste

Basic Beliefs

The establishment too often dictates how a representative will vote, and what beliefs they should stand for. I have no intention of being a political puppet for the establishment, and I will remain true to my beliefs. I believe taxes should be as low as possible, and will never vote in favor of legislation that will increase your taxes. I believe in helping Georgia’s families, and ensuring a better future for our next generations. I believe in fighting for liberty, while so few in the State House genuinely do. I believe in the need to fight for you.

Securing our Borders

You cannot have a nation that does not have borders. I will fight for legislation to end sanctuary cities. Legal immigration should be supported, but violent, illegal immigrants should be deported.

Preserving our 2nd Amendment

I have stood by the right to bear arms my entire life. This will never change.

Maintain Freedom of Speech

As Democrats attempt to turn Georgia blue, conservative voices have been consistently silenced. The establishment is not fighting back, but I will. It is vital that our constitutional right to freedom of speech is upheld in the face of political opposition, especially on college campuses and social media platforms.

Combat Rising Tuition

Increase Per-Student Funding: as tuition continues to increase exponentially, we must act to combat these costs. Before the 2008 recession, Governor Sonny Perdue allowed for per-student funding of $12,000. Today, the per-student funding is less than half of this. Per-student funding should return to pre-recession levels.

Statewide Work Study Program: students should be given credit for working through school, and have internships more accessible to take part in. This will allow for the wonderful combination of students gaining experience, families paying less, and to successfully combat rising tuition costs.

My opponent has made clear of his opinion to have college tuition increased, in exchange for the government to gain more tax revenue. I think this is a terrible idea that will destroy Georgian families.

Provide Transparency in Higher Education

Student aid applications of hundreds of pages and questions, they are too lengthy, too complicated, and downright confusing. We must work to maneuver student aid to become far simpler, and far more helpful to students. Instruction for financial aid should be offered in high schools.

Budget Breakdown Released to Students: tuition continues to soar, but nearly all students and families have no idea where their money goes. College tuition has soared in costs, and the establishment does not care about the cost of college to families. Universities should send out budget analyses to students.

Fight for Future Generations

Georgia ranks 39th in education, the establishment has no intention of fighting to solve this issue.

Repeal Common Core: give teachers the ability for them to utilize their unique methods of teaching to help students, rather than the Common Core method of forcing teachers to instruct directly from a federally mandated textbook. Communities and families understand what their students need, currently the establishment has handed education to bureaucrats in Washington.

Decrease Class Size: large classes have statistically proven to lead to lower grades in school. Due to Common Core, class sizes have increased exponentially, some classes have forty students for every one teacher. This is truly unacceptable.

Specialization: students in high school should be introduced to classes that could allow them to understand what they truly have a gift for. Currently, students leave high school, go into college, and have no idea what they are talented at for the professional world, leading to families losing tens of thousands of dollars.

Economic Prosperity

Georgia is ranked 27th in economic opportunity, the establishment will never bring prosperity to Georgia families.

No tax increase: my opponent has voted for numerous tax increases, ranging from mandatory S.P.L.O.S.T taxes, to increases of sales and property tax. Any form of tax increase I will vote against. Government does not need to tax us more; they need to spend less.

Income Flat Tax: we should not have to hire accountants to file our taxes for us. The process should be a simple and easy as possible. Clarity is essential in my eyes, and an income flat tax could solve this issue. This would simplify taxes for the average person, and bring forth economic opportunity.

Right to Earn: small government is a core principle of mine, which is why a Right to Earn legislation has my complete support. This act removes unnecessary government interference in business, and champions the idea that every Georgian has the right to earn an honest living.

Healthcare Reform

Georgia is ranked 41st in the country in healthcare, something must change.

Price Transparency Act: I believe all Americans deserve transparency in their healthcare. Hidden costs and fine print clauses are crippling our healthcare system. The Price Transparency Act outlines that hospitals must state how much your treatment will cost out of pocket before your insurance premiums rise without warning.

Patients Right to Know Act: I support this legislation which encompasses various types of disclosures, ranging from malpractice records being made public to general healthcare outcomes. It is of the utmost importance for patients to be proactively informed about their healthcare.

The Need to Fight

I do not understand what has happened to the Republican Party. There is so few Republicans who fight anymore, fight against socialism, fight against the establishment, fight for Georgia, it is amazing. Throughout my life I have fought, and this will never end. If we continue following the path we are on, and vote for establishment politicians, none of our problems will be solved. I have one motto, People over Party, and that is what I live by.

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